The Ferrari F12tdf is sold out and deliveries of the 799 examples have commenced. As you would imagine, there are already a few examples running around the streets of Monaco and now we see that two more examples have been spotted in Germany, one yellow and one in a much smarter and subtle silver.

The Ferrari F12tdf packs the same 6.3-litre V12 engine that we know from the ‘regular’ Ferrari F12, but has an increased output of 769bhp up from 730bhp. With 2.9 seconds the F12 ‘tour de France’ accelerates to a 100 km/h faster than the F12 Berlinetta by 0.3 seconds. Other highlights include a 110kg weight saving program and a more aggressive exterior that improves the car’s aerodynamics.

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  1. Man I got a doubt here, out of the 2 Ferrari F12tdf delivered in Germany, one is ‘Silver’ and the other one as yellow, but in the picture you have shown a “RED” car ! So which one is correct ?

    • @torroRosso427

      I can guarantee you that the grey and red one are two TDF and both in Frankfurt going to customers here of which i know one. I’ve had a look at them today, being from Frankfurt.
      There is also a yellow TDF in Germany which is for sale at the moment but not in Frankfurt.

      Where did you get the info from that there would only be 2 going to Germany? That source must be bad.
      I’m even sure that there will be more than those 3 here in Germany.
      Because several more Ferrari LaFerrari ended up in Germany aswell than what people said.
      Those extra LaFerrari were bought by branches and business partners outside of Germany and then delivered to Germany for customers here.
      Yeah, Ferraris “We choose who get’s one.” can’t really influence which trader gets them in the end.
      Example: There are in total 5 privately registered Ferrari LaFerrari here in Frankfurt alone (2x Red, 1x Grey, 1x White and 1x Black) – besides those there are 2 LaFerrari owned by Business in Frankfurt. Makes a total of 7.


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