The Bugatti Veyron is a car that shocked the world when launched what seems to be an age ago. The car stunned car enthusiasts as well as the general public with its bombastic power and speed figures.

The car has been featured in a number of movies, music videos (uh hmm – I Woke Up In a New Bugatti) and a host of racing games such as Gran Turismo, Need For Speed and many more. GTA V smashed a number of records globally. Over 54 Million copies of the game were shipped and Rockstar, the games creators insisted on having the most lavish and desirable cars in the game, albeit not under official license. There are Pagani and Lamborghini hybrids and a number of other recognizable variations on real cars, but none are lusted over more than the Adder, the GTA V take on the mighty Veyron!

When DutchBugs went on tour in their Veyron they had a support vehicle equipped with a Playstation 4 and a huge TV in the back. The lucky passengers, including one of the GTspirit team, lounged in the back playing GTA and driving the Adder when the Veyron flew by on the highway. The comical moment was caught on camera and resulted in the epic video above!

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