The Hoffmann & Novague R200 has officially moved from paper to reality. The Czech project has been on the cars for a little while now. Inspired by the Skoda 130 RS of the 1980’s, the Hoffmann & Novague R200 takes an Audi R8 and modifies it with a retro front end and a retro rear.

It gets an aluminium body with carbon fibre components. The front features a blunt nose and two circular headlights. The side gets ram air vents and three fender vents, reminiscent of certain Italian classics. The rear is similarly simple, using rectangular exhaust pipes and a rear facia with a duck-tail spoiler.

The Hoffmann & Novague R200 uses the Audi R8 chassis and the Audi R8’s V8 engine generating 430 hp. Performance figures include a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 4.5 seconds. Maximum speed is 280 km/h. Inside, the Hoffmann & Novae R200 gets a simplistic interior with cloth door handles, a manual gearbox and uncluttered dashboard.

The company is a partnership between Konovýroba Hoffmann and Petr Novague’s industrial design studio. Kovovýroba Hoffmann is a bespoke manufacturer, creating prototype and one-off projects including equipment and body components for renowned global automotive manufacturers. Petr Novae has a range of experience in various industrial design projects.

Essentially, the Hoffmann&Novague R200 is a running prototype, demonstrating what the company is capable of and hoping to attract the attention of other individuals who are looking for something unique. In that respect, Hoffmann & Novae would probably class themselves as a bespoke coachbuilder. The header photo (shot by Fotograf Jiří Čermák) proves that the RS200 does actually work.

Hoffmann&Novague R200 interior
Hoffmann&Novague R200 interior
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  1. Put your hand on the front end, and it’s a beautiful car. But put your hand in front of the backend, and it looks like a car from the fiat multipla category


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