The futuristic Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo has just been unveiled to the world’s press at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. The car is similar to the F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept in that it previews the future of autonomous cars albeit on a smaller scale to the F 015. We took a closer look at it in the flesh.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo has been designed for Generation Z, people born since 1995 in the new-media age. As such, the car aims to provide how cars in the future can accommodate hip living spaces. Design wise, the Vision Tokyo is similar to the F 015 Luxury in Motion in that it features an expansive cabin as well as exceptionally short front and rear overhangs.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo rear

In place of a traditional windscreen, the Vision Tokyo utilises a seamless stretch of glass panelling which extends through to the side windows. The vehicle’s slimline and diagonal headlights have been inspired by those from Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept with the car’s front fascia displaying a selection of lighting functions, similar to other Mercedes-Benz concepts like the Future Truck 2025. If music is being played in the Vision Gran Turismo, the front grille will visualise a sound pattern. Elsewhere, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo includes a set of 26-inch wheels illuminated in blue.

Beyond the car’s design, the Vision Tokyo is underpinned by the same plug-in hybrid system as the F 015 Luxury in Motion. That means it includes a high-voltage battery, hydrogen pressure tanks and an electric motor to create a fuel-cell system. All told, the car has an envisaged range of 980 km.

For more from the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, stay tuned to our dedicated news channel in the coming days.

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