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Paint is Dead: Ferrari 458 Spider Gets Rust Wrap!

Custom wrapped Ferrari 458 Spider

In recent years, the popularity of wrapping supercars has exploded in popularity with some insane bright and unique wrapped creations now cruising the world’s streets. As wrapping companies continue to push the limits, it’s become more and more challenging to provide the industry with something different but Prowrap Professional Carwrapping in the Netherlands has managed to do just that.

Presented here on a Ferrari 458 Italia is the company’s eye-catching wrap with an interesting rust look. The rust coloured and patterned elements of the exterior make the Italian sports car look like it’s been sitting uncared for in the rain. The rust components sitting on top of another simpler wrap consisting of matte white and matte black complete with racing stripes and graphics running down both sides.

What do you think of the completed look?



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