Uruguayan football player Martin Caceres has been suspended and fined by his club after crashing his Ferrari 458 Italia while under the influence of alcohol.

On the night of 28 September, the Juventus defender crashed his 458 Italia into a multitude of cars as well as a bus stop in Turin, Italy. When police arrived on the scene, it was discovered that Caceres’s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit.

While Caceres consumed some alcohol, his agent Daniel Fonseca says that he was not drunk at the time of the crash.

“It was a dinner between friends, they drank a toast and had some champagne. All it takes is a glass of alcohol to go over the limit. Martin was not drunk, and anyone who knows him will realise that. Having said that, he made a mistake; he should’ve got a taxi, and it would’ve ended there.”

As the image above shows, the crash caused significant damage to the 458. The front-end appears to have taken the brunt of the impact with the bus stop and will inevitably have to undergo comprehensive repairs before the supercar heads back onto the streets. Other visible damage includes the wing mirror and front wheel.

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