According to registered trademarks from a law firm close to Jeremy Clarkson, the British TV presenter’s new Amazon show with James May and Richard Hammond could be called ‘Gear Knobs’.

Two weeks before the trio announced their signing with Amazon on June 30, Clarkson’s law firm Olswang registered for the trademark ‘Gear Knobs’ which can be used for television shows as well as car and driving related merchandise.

The trademark is associated with a new company dubbed Newincco 1361 Ltd, which is also responsible for recently trademarking ‘Speedbird’. The director of Newincco 1361 Ltd is a lawyer from Olswang and Buzzfeed suggests that the company has been formed to register trademarks on behalf of Olswang.

When Top Gear was in its prime, Olswang set up a company dubbed ‘Bedder 6 Ltd’ with a similar company structure to handle Top Gear’s merchandising revenue. What’s more, Olswang has been responsible for setting up businesses for Jeremy Clarkson and ex-wife Frances while also recently handing over controls to another small company it formed to Clarkson, Hammond, May and former Top Gear producer, Andy Wilman.

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