Koenigsegg could create affordable cars

Alongside the insane Koenigsegg Regera featuring a direct drive system with no transmission, the Swedish manufacturer has also been working on a camshaft-less engine for a number of years. Alongside pioneering aluminium 3D printing, there’s no denying the fact that the niche automaker is at the cutting edge of the industry. Now the marque’s chief executive has confirmed that its technologies could be used by normal cars in the future.

While speaking with Car Throttle recently, Christian von Koenigsegg revealed that the Swedish automaker itself could diversify and produce more accessible vehicles for the masses. He did reveal however, that any possible cars would be produced by a sub-brand of Koenigsegg allowing the marque to restrict its badge to its fastest, most expensive and exclusive supercars and hypercars.

“Within our company there could be room to start utilising all the technological developments we have created, and trickle them down into more normal cars. I think the brand Koenigsegg should stay in this rarified area and make these extreme machines and keep on pushing the limit,” he said.

Further discussing the future of the brand and the technologies it is creating, von Koenigsegg said “Now that we are going hybrid – even though I don’t really like hybrids as they have been up until now with the complexity and weight and so on – but now that we’re integrating electrical motors and battery technology to our cars, I think where the biggest opportunity is is in still developing the combustion engine, but also getting the batteries much lighter, more efficient and more powerful.”

[Via Car Throttle]


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