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Chris Brown’s Misha Designs Lamborghini Aventador Revealed

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador

Not too long after the first images of Chris Brown’s latest Lamborghini Aventador emerged online, we’ve been sent the following gallery to share with you. It features Brown’s incredibly stealthy and aggressive Aventador in all of its glory and looking unlike any other Aventador we’ve ever laid eyes on.

For starters, the singer’s Aventador has been installed with a bodykit from Misha Designs. It includes a new front bumper, side skirts, an incredibly menacing rear diffuser as well as a prominent rear wing. All of these elements are painted in gloss black while the rest of Brown’s Aventador is finished in matte black.

Chris Brown's Lamborghini Aventador

Elsewhere, a set of Savini Wheels have been installed with an 18k gold finish. They measure 20×9 at the front and 21×13 at the rear and really make this Aventador stand out unlike any other.

The transformation was done by JC Customz.



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