Green Lamborghini Gallardo crashes in China

A Verde Ithaca Lamborghini Gallardo has been wrecked in China after crashing with a locally-made pickup truck in Yunnan Province.

Local media reports that the Italian mid-engined supercar took a corner too fast and understeered onto the wrong side of the road. It then crashed head-on into the pickup with the impact significant enough to cause serious damage to both cars while also deploying the Gallardo’s driver’s side airbag.

The driver of the cheap pickup was hurt in the crash while the Lamborghini driver managed to walk away comfortably. Due to the fact that the Gallardo is worthy 100 times more than the Changan pickup however, he’ll certainly be in for an expensive repair bill.

To fix the Gallardo, a new bonnet will have to be installed as will new quarter panels and the expensive front bumper. It is unclear from these images if any mechanical damage has been sustained.


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