TopCar Reveals Black Porsche 911 Stinger GTR

In standard specification, the Porsche 911 Turbo is incredibly understated. That’s from a visual perspective of course. In terms of performance however, it is an entirely different beast capable of rivalling significantly more powerful and expensive supercars and hypercars. For 911 Turbo owners looking for looks to match this performance, the Stinger GTR package from TopCar is the perfect option.

Black Porsche 911 Stinger GTR

The package includes a plethora of visual modifications which turn any standard 911 Turbo into an ultra-aggressive sports car which could turn the heads of even Lamborghini Aventador owners. It includes new front and rear bumpers, bold side skirts, a custom bonnet and a range of new air intakes and scoops.

The rear-end also features a bold new diffuser and a larger rear wing than the standard 911 Turbo. This particular example is just the 2nd example created out of a planned 25 unit production run.


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