Ferrari F12 Berlinetta crashes in Dubai

The moment a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta crashed while racing against a Nissan GT-R Alpha 7 in Dubai has been captured on film showing the full scale of the relatively high-speed crash.

As the video shows, the two supercars were illegally street racing when a slower moving car pulled out in front of the Italian supercar. The F12 Berlinetta driver then slams on the breaks and attempts to swerve out of the way and into the right most lane.


However, it seems apparent that the steering input was too violent with the rear-end of the F12 Berlinetta kicking out and sending the car straight into the concrete crash barrier.

While the extent of the damage sustained is unclear, the video shows the F12’s front right quarter panel taking the brunt of the impact with plumes of dust and broken Ferrari flying into the air.

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