Rimac Concept One Crash

Forming a supercar brand and attempting to launch a model is something many have tried and most have failed at doing. With Rimac however and its Concept_One, the electric supercar is edging closer to production but sadly one example has been extensively damaged after racing a Ferrari LaFerrari.

Interestingly, the Rimac Concept_One involved in the crash is actually the example used by the race director in the FIA Formula E Championship. Details around the crash remain scarce but it is believed to have actually happened a couple of weeks ago after the Long Beach round of the Formula E Championship in the U.S.

Rimac Concept One Crashes After Race with LaFerrari

It also reported that the crash occurred when the Rimac Concept_One was drag racing a white Ferrari LaFerrari with the video above showing one of those races. The actual the trigger of the crash remains unknown however.


What is clear is the damage sustained to the Rimac Concept_One. The left rear wheel and hub assembly has been torn from the electric supercar while the front and rear bumpers have also sustained substantial damage.

[Via Uživo sa hrvatskih prometnica]


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