Ever since the Tesla Model S P85D was launched, we’ve seen it embarrassing some of the world’s finest supercars thanks to its ferocious acceleration off the line. In the following video of the Model S P85D racing a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta at the drag strip, it is the V12-powered Italian supercar which comes out on top at the end of the quarter mile however.


By the time the run was completed, the F12 Berlinetta laid down an impressive 10.893 second sprint at a trap speed of 132.5 mph. By comparison, the Model S P85D recorded an 11.6 second run at 115 mph. While the F12 came out on top, the Model S P85D is proving itself to quite possibly be the world’s quickest accelerating production car off the line thanks to its 691 hp and mountains of instantaneous torque.

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