Techart 991 GTS at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

Techart’s display at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 includes a kit based upon the Porsche Carrera GTS. The GTS is taken to a new level with increased individuality, a visual update, better handling and improved acoustics. We took a look at the car up close on the stand!

The Techart Porsche Carrera GTS gets the usual refinements, a new front spoiler, an elegant roof spoiler, a rear spoiler and side skirts. It is the typical Techart blend of aerodynamic performance with aesthetic design, a well balanced kit for those that need something a little different.

Techart Porsche Carrera GTS at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

The Techart Porsche Carrera GTS gets custom exterior trims available in a wide variety of colours and naked carbon fiber. Trims include the air outlet at the front of the luggage compartment lid, design trims for the headlights and the exterior mirrors.

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Teacart also offer an electro-hydraulic Noselift system which provides an additional 45 mm of ground clearance. It can be used from standstill and at low speed, it is automatically lowered at 60 km/h. Wheels are Techart Formula IV Race centerlocks with distinctive five twin-spokes. A variety of different wheel options are available if your aren’t a fan of the Formula IV Race wheels.

Techart 991 GTS at the Geneva Motor Show 2015

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