Ferrari replicas are surprisingly quite common. Typically they’re based around cheap rear-wheel drive sports cars like the Toyota MR2 and adorned with bodywork which on occasion, actually mimics the real thing quite closely. What isn’t so common however are Ferrari replicas actually built around a particular Ferrari model but that’s exactly what this is.

Beneath the skin, this is a 2007 Ferrari F430 but on the surface it is attempting to mimic the Ferrari Enzo and has done quite a poor job at it. It isn’t surprising then that the car recently failed to sell on eBay after receiving no bids on the $400,000 asking price.

Interestingly, the seller claims that the Enzo replica actually uses genuine Enzo wheels and has reportedly been maintained by Ferrari authorised repair facilities.

If the car appears up for sale again, we’ll be sure to update you with the latest.

[Via eBay]


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