Late last year, the BMW M235i Racing was revealed. Obviously created as a track-tuned variant of the potent M235i sports car, the Racing variant is an extremely exciting prospect. What if however, the German automaker decided to take the BMW M235i Racing and turn it into a rally car for the World Rally Championship (WRC)?

Well, the crew at Ralle-Magazin have decided to render such a car and it looks phenomenal. Up front, it features enlarged air intakes and a different lower grille, a special BMW M racing livery and a new splitter. Elsewhere, massively flared wheel arches have been adopted alongside rally-spec wheels and tyres.

At the rear, the obligatory WRC rear wing is featured alongside a single, large tailpipe just right of a subtle diffuser.

While there is almost no chance BMW will ever create such a variant of the 2-Series sports car, we certainly would approve if they did!

[Via Rallye-Magazin]


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