16-Year Old Acquires New Pagani Huayra in Taiwan

With each example of the Pagani Huayra selling for at least $1.3 million, you would rightfully think it is a supercar which only the rich and famous can afford. Turns out however, that one lucky Taiwanese teenager owns a bright yellow Huayra without even raising a finger.

It is reported that the car was given to the 15-year-old by his father on his Birthday. Despite him being unable to drive for two more years, it makes him the world’s youngest Pagani Huayra owner and most likely the youngest Pagani owner.

This particular yellow Huayra was actually on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 back in early March alongside the final edition of the Pagani Zonda Revolucion. As you would expect, this Huayra features the same 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged AMG V12 engine as other Pagani Huayra’s. This powerplant delivers an impressive 720 hp with all that power being sent to the rear wheels. While you may think such a powerful car wouldn’t have any traction, the Huayra is an extremely easy car to drive and when driven at full throttle, hits 100 km/h in around 3 seconds flat!

Having had the privilege of driving the Huayra in the past, we know just how incredibly impressive this Italian exotic is. The aforementioned power is converted to the rear wheels through a transverse sequential seven-speed gearbox with a dual plate clutch in favour over a dual-clutch system which is uniquely positioned low in the centre of the car to reduce centre of gravity. Alone, this saves 70kg of weight. The shifts are exactly as you would expect from a car of the Huayra’s capability. They are enormously fast.

The power delivery is both linear and progressive with power available throughout the rev range. Put your foot down though and in the blink of an eye, you’re immediately in license threatening territory! Of course, you probably won’t be paying attention at this point. The unique whooshing sound of the turbo’s spooling up is addictive. Perhaps even a little too addictive!

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  1. Extremely fortunate kid but wow….this seems like a waste to say the least.

    Why not have him drink DRC Pinot Noir and rock a Philippe Dufour watch at 19? Some things take time and experience to appreciate/do them justice, and while the Huayra will surely be exhilarate anyone, SO much is being missed out if this is one’s first car…

    “But it doesn’t matter what he says, he said, because they’ve ruined everything they’ve managed to get their hands on…and, one should remember, they have seized everything – seized it, ruined it and carried on in this way until they had achieved complete victory…in seizing, ruining, seizing and thereby ruining, sometimes surreptitiously, sometimes brazenly; now subtly, now crudely, whatever way they could…and there is not a nook or cranny in which you could hide anything from them, everything being theirs.”
    – War and War

    C’est Dommage


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