BMW E92 M3 by Prodrive

While the new BMW M4 is indeed an impressive sports car as we recently found out while driving it, the E92 M3 Coupe which it replaces will be sorely missed due largely to its potent V8 engine being ditched in favour of a twin-turbo inline six. To help keep interest in the E92 M3 Coupe alive, Thailand tuners Prodrive has just finished work on the following example.

BMW E92 M3 by Prodrive

Believed to be one of the final examples created, this M3 is finished in a stunning shade of white and features a host of cosmetic changes. Most apparent is the revised front bumper with bare carbon fibre parts, as well as a carbon fibre bootlid lip spoiler, carbon fibre wing mirror caps and a beefed up exhaust system and rear diffuser.

The car is also rolling a set of ADV.1 wheels and more specifically, the ADV5.2 TS CS.

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