Lamborghini Diablo Crashes in Tokyo

A Japanese reader tipped us off about a Lamborghini Diablo accident that occurred in Tokyo recently. The car was leaving the famous port and shipping hub known as the Daikoku Parking Area at the weekend following a car meet when the driver appears to have lost control of the car.

The photos seem to reveal the car as being an Audi-era Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 litre. It was pretty recognisable thanks to the Lamborghini-style Japanese logo it bore on the front of the bonnet. We are told that neither passenger or driver suffered any injury.


The Diablo 6.0 litre featured a revised front bumper and smoothed rear lines which made it look significantly different from the early Diablos. The headline was the 6.0 litre V12 powerplant though. Pushing 575 hp and 620 Nm, it was the a bridge between Lamborghini’s of old and the new, Audi-era cars!

Lamborghini Diablo Crashes in Tokyo

Thanks to Daiki for the tip!

Lamborghini Diablo Crashes in Tokyo

[via motorinformation]



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