Porsche Confirms It Has Found Fault for 911 GT3 Fires

It recently emerged that deliveries of the 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 could be halted for months as Porsche tries to work out and rectify the problem which saw at least two units of the latest GT3 go up in flames in Europe. Now, Bloomberg is reporting that Porsche has discovered what is causing the problem.

While speaking at a recent press conference near the German marque’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, CEO Matthias Mueller said, “We know the reason and the problem-solving measures. We’re testing them.”

While Porsche has yet to announce just what the cause of the fires is, we should find out very soon. Apparently, the fires have been caused by the cracking of the engine block which leaked oil onto the hot exhaust system.

When previously discussing the issues, Porsche spokesman Paul Ellis said, “Given the high performance nature of the engine and sophisticated componentry and engineering, it’s a situation where you have to evaluate every situation to the minute level to make sure you don’t miss anything.

“The engineers suspect what may be causing us not to drive the cars at the moment, but suspecting is not as good as 100 percent guaranteeing so we’re in the process now of eliminating everything we think its not and focusing on what it may be – and that is going to take time.”

[Via Bloomberg]


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