Vandals attack Robert Lewandowski’s Porsche Cayenne GTS

Vandals attack Robert Lewandowski's Porsche Cayenne GTS

Since Bayern Munich confirmed that Borussia Dortmund striker Robert Lewandowski will join them next season, Dortmund fans have taken the news of losing one of their best players to their most dominant rival pretty well. But now someone has made Lewandowski pay for his decision by stealing all four of the wheels off of his €96,000 Porsche Cayenne GTS and putting it up on cinderblocks right outside his house in Dortmund.

It’s unclear if the crime was committed by bitter Dortmund supporters or common thieves with no interest in football, but Lewandowski awoke Monday morning to find the car he left parked in front of his garage wouldn’t be taking him to training. The vehicle itself was also damaged on the front and brake discs by the way the thieves propped it up. That’s an inconvenience he could have done without, but at least he didn’t have the whole car stolen from his driveway while he was inside the house letting it defrost.



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