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Mansory have been on a role of late. Their workshop has been pumping out highly engineered, top quality tuning works for some of the most extreme supercars on the market. Perhaps the biggest of these projects was the Mansory Carbonado – based on the Lamborghini Aventador. When Mansory offered us an exclusive first look at this monster supercar, we jumped at the opportunity!

Unlike the Mansory F12 Stallone we tested previously, we weren’t allowed to drive the Mansory Carbonado. So instead of offering you a driving experience, we have a set of awesome photos and a first impression on the package as a whole. After our experience, the car was shipped from the factory to its new owner.

Kourosh Mansory’s company is based in Brand, Germany which was the destination for our short experience. The car itself was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 and took centre stage on the Mansory stand. It attracted more attention than any other tuning car on display, we were about to find out why!

Carbon fibre is a Mansory speciality. The Mansory Carbonado is a moving display room in that respect. The Carbonado uses a world-first Stealth effect carbon fibre weave. The weaves actually resemble the shape of the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk which creates this fantastic and very unique effect. We have no idea how Mansory have managed to do this although it is mighty impressive. The Stealth Fighter weaves are complemented on this particular car by a matte finish, similar in colour to the real F-117.

As with every Mansory project, the design of the Mansory Carbonado is the most interesting aspect. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that it takes tuning to the another level! Every single element of the Mansory bodykit is bespoke and constructed from carbon fibre.Mansory makes its own carbon fibre from an on-site autoclave. Up close, the quality is perfect and the surfaces are very smooth.

The panels include a striking new front skirt. The front vents are deeper than on the standard version. Carbon fibre side flicks rise from the side and a front splitter. The stealth shaped daytime running lights complement the theme.

The bonnet receives a complete redesigned with different contour lines and two sets of aggressive air vents on either side. The new side panels add 40 millimetres of width at the front and 50 millimetres at the rear axle. The side skirts have a bespoke Mansory design and the doors get new contours.

The rear looks similar to the Mansory Aventador kit we previously tested. It gets a huge rear diffuser, a slatted rear vent with stealth fighter shaped mesh and a rear spoiler. The roof and engine cover are also bespoke. Finally, the exhaust is now separated into three distinct exits.

To look at, the quality of the Mansory Carbonado is something quite special. The panels fit as though they came from Lamborghini’s own production line. The carbon weaves between body panels line up as best as can be expected. Every part fits the expectation Mansory’s insane price tags demands.

Okay, so we’ve established that the bodywork is pretty special. So what of the engine and mechanicals? Mansory have given the Aventador’s 6.5 litre Lamborghini V12 a thorough workout. In short, the power now matches the insane body.

Mansory fitted twin turbochargers together with new pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, crankshaft, crank and cylinder head. Mansory claims the power raised from 700 hp to a staggering 1,250 hp. Torque has improved too although to protect components this figure has been limited to just 900 Nm. Performance from zero to 100 km/h is just 2.6 seconds. Top speed now stands at 380 km/h. From what we gather, none of these figures have been real-world tested, but instead estimated using mathematics and taking into account the various tolerances of each individual part.

The most impressive thing about the entire performance package though is undoubtedly the brand new exhaust system. It is a complete system from manifold to tailpipes. Constructed from stainless steel, it gives a monster soundtrack! Running at the airstrip, the car sounded like no other Lamborghini Aventador we had ever heard and comes closer to the sound of a F1 car than any road car. It has a brutal rasp to it, even moreso than the Mansory Aventador we tested on a previous visit to Brand. Also evident is the turbo whistle.

The Mansory Carbonado gets a set of Mansory ultralight forged wheels. They feature carbon inlays to match the rest of the car. The sizing is 9.0 x 20 inches and 13.0 x 21 inches with Pirelli P Zero tyres in VA 255/30 ZR20 and HA 345/25 ZR21 sizes.

Mansory are also has a reputation to maintain for their special interiors. This car is no different. The Carbonado interior features a complete redesign with black processed leather and white leather accents. Stitching is white contrast and parts of the dash have been replaced with a stealth carbon fibre. Incase you forget where you are, there are plenty of Carbonado and Mansory badges!

Mansory Carbonado GTspirit First Impression

The Carbonado actually feels much more modern than the standard Aventador. Lamborghini Aventadors generally leave the factory with sedate interiors, yet the Carbonado has a variety of different surfaces. It is more interesting as a result. The carbon fibre weave is impressive and works well with the colour scheme. The quality is very impressive too. Evidently, a lot of work has gone in to making this car very special!

Mansory have developed a trademark modification for the Lamborghini Aventador as we found out with the previous Mansory Aventador. They mount the starter button to the headliner! Whilst that felt unnecessary in the earlier car, in this stealth jet themed monster, it just feels right. It makes you feel as though you should be asking permission from the control tower for take-off!

Mansory Carbonado GTspirit First Impression

The Mansory Carbonado really has done something quite special for the German brand. We’ve seen their unique take on these bespoke cars in the past with various Aston Martin and Ferrari 458 Italia based projects. The Mansory Carbonado raises the bar even further.

Since this car was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year, Mansory have already built two further cars. The first is a Coupé with glossy carbon fibre coachwork, the second is a Roadster, converted just after the first cars were delivered. For Mansory to find further trusting customers for their bonkers million Euro tuned Lamborghini is testament to the product itself. We were thoroughly impressed!

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