Lamborghini opens Showroom in Dusseldorf

After the close-down of Lamborghini Kremer some years ago, Lamborghini comes back to Dusseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. From Wednesday, supercar enthusiats can visit the brandnew 450 qm Showroom in Derendorf which is located a few kilometres north of the famous Königsallee. In addition to the elegant showroom Lamborghini offers an exclusive service point for more than 350 Lamborghinis which are registered in the wider area of Dusseldorf.

The Moll Group is responsible for achieving the main goal for 2014 which is “selling not less than 30 Lamborghinis in Dusseldorf”. The Moll Group came out on top because of their experience in selling supercars. Next to McLaren and Aston Martin, they extended their supercar portfolio with the first passionate Italian marque. According to Lamborghini, Dusseldor is an excellent place for opening an exclusive Lamborghini showroom especially because of the high average income in this region.

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