Underground Racing Creates Insane 2000hp Audi R8 GT

With 552 hp on tap thanks to an uprated 5.2-liter Lamborghini sourced V10 engine, the Audi R8 GT is a truly potent supercar. Limited to just 333 units worldwide in coupe specification, it is also a very rare car and could become a collector’s item in a few decades time. Evidently however, not all R8 GT owners are completely satisfied with the performance this engine delivered and they turn to Underground Racing.

Underground Racing Creates Insane 2000hp Audi R8 GT

The American tuner which specialises in twin-turbocharging Lamborghinis is no stranger to upgrading the Audi R8. However, the following twin-turbo Audi R8 GT is its most extreme produced to date. In fact, it is the very first ‘Stage 2R’ twin-turbo R8 GT they have ever done.

With this upgraded package, the car easily delivers 1,150 hp at the wheels when running on 93 octane. However, when you fill it up with race gas, it produces over 1,800 at all four wheels! In addition to the new turbochargers, some other changes include a JRR Plug & Play Motec ECU with customer E-gear harness. It also features a billet 1-6 custom ratio, billet input/output shafts, billet final drive gears and a helix billet differential.

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