Ken Block's Gymkhana Six Replicated With RC Car

About a month ago, Ken Block’s highly anticipated Gymkhana Six was released. Unlike Gymkhana 5 which was filmed in the hilly streets of San Francisco, the sixth instalment of the sliding extravaganza revolved around creating the ultimate gymkhana grid and that is exactly what it delivered.

Featuring Ken Block, for those that didn’t know who is also the co-founder of DC Shoes, drifting through some tight obstacles including shipping containers, the skills demonstrated in Gymkhana Six are simply world class.


While most of us could only ever hope to drive such a car in such a way, the most affordable and accessible option would be to buy a Ken Block drifting radio controlled car. That is exactly what this YouTuber has does with him creating a similar gymkhana grid as to the one used in the full length video. Additionally, some of the similar stunts are performed such as doing donuts around spiky wrecking ball!

This is a video well worth 3 minutes of your time!

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