Yes, Your Supercar Can Carry a Christmas Tree

When most people buy a supercar they immediately think they’ll lose some practicality and that’s a reasonable concern because it is true. You may have to deal with luggage space only capable of holding a couple of briefcases and nothing more. However, this festive season we decided to bring you some interesting photos of supercars getting into the Christmas spirit and carrying Christmas trees!

Yes, Your Supercar Can Carry a Christmas Tree

Featured here we have a selection of sports cars, a traditional mid-engined supercar in the form of a black first-generation Lamborghini Gallardo as well as the extremely rare and unique Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan race car all carrying trees on their roofs on in the case of the Breadvan, in the trunk!

These images just go to show that even if you own a supercar or sports car, you can at least transport a Christmas tree. However, you’ll look a little stupid doing so…


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