Watch Some Incredible Racing Between a Corvette ZR1 and Willys Jeep

The Willys Jeep is seen as a true icon in the off-roading world. Produced from 1941-1945, the Willys Jeep was a staple in World War II and thanks to its reliability and ruggedness, it is arguably just as good off road as many modern Range Rovers.


Because the Willys Jeep is more at home in the desert or climbing over rocks, the last place you’d expect the car to be competing is on the road against the mighty Chevrolet Corvette Stingray ZR1. However, this isn’t your ordinary Willys Jeep.

However, the Willys Jeep features a V8 engine delivering around 300 hp. Combine that with a nitrous oxide engine adding an extra 200 hp, this Jeep certainly has the engine to do the job. However, making the car all the more potent off the line is its light kerb weight as it tips the scale at a mere 1,900 pounds!

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