5000hp, 560km/h, V16 Devel Sixteen Revealed at Dubai

Chances are you thought the most insane supercar to be released this past year is the $3.4 million Lykan Hypersport. The very first production-spec Hypersport is currently on display at the Dubai Motor Show 2013, but is arguably being shown up by this insane creation.

Dubbed the Devel Sixteen, the company behind this insane creation says that it is powered by a 7.2-liter V16 engine joined with four-turbochargers producing an insane 5000 hp. Consequently, the company claims the Devel Sixteen can hit 96 km/h (60 mph) in just 1.8 seconds and a simply out of this world 560 km/h.


Now making such bold claims is very easy, backing them up is something else entirely and to be brutally honest, we’d be surprised if a running prototype of this was made and could hit 200 km/h without falling apart. What’s more, there is absolutely no way that massive rear wing would allow the Devel Sixteen to hit 560 km/h.

Nevertheless, from a visual standpoint, the Devel Sixteen is certainly very eye-catching. Obviously inspired by designs such as the Lamborghini Veneno, Lamborghini Egoista and Pagani Zonda it definitely looks like no other supercar on the market. At the rear, the vehicle features what appears to be two massive jet turbines, but they are just for show and it isn’t in fact jet-powered. Arguably most impressively is the fact that the Devel Sixteen actually features quite a nice interior demonstrating that some real time and effort has been put into creating the car.

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  1. Hahahahahahahah im sure 90 degree exhaust bends help the four turbos flow the exhaust with very little backpressure… what a faiiil!

  2. I doubt very much that tires would sustain anything above 400 km/h before disintegrating after maybe 10 or so seconds. I read about Veyron a while back and as far as reaching speed of over 400 km/h is concerned tires were the main problem as rubber starts falling apart at those speeds.

  3. Dude, you're probably right, that's why Bugatti doesn't allow SS customers to drive up to 430 km/h because the tyres would disintegrate at that speed without track tyres, but the Veyron's tyres are badass, and this bullshit car here is running on offroad tyres! It would deteriorate even it disintegrates man…


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