Verde Scandal Lamborghini Aventador Flips in California

The unfortunate reality is that even if you have extraordinary amounts of money, you can’t drive any better than the average Joe. As a result, supercar crashes become all too common. The following Lamborghini Aventador crash however, is very unique.

Verde Scandal Lamborghini Aventador Flips in California

This Verde Scandal Lamborghini Aventador, reportedly owned by a 21-year-old, somehow managed to flip onto its roof recently while driving in Half Moon Bay, California. It’s not exactly known how the Italian exotic ended up on its roof.

Fortunately, all involved in the crash escaped uninjured. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Aventador.


  1. Seems like he went too fast in right corner, the rear lost traction, either he braked too hard or didn't do anything and he crashed full frontal in the side of the road causing the car to flip over… this has been seen many times.


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