Saleen Extreme S281 Ford Mustang From Transformers Up For Grabs

One of the Saleen Extreme S281 Ford Mustangs produced for the first Transformers movie back in 2007 is currently up for sale. The following car played the role of Decepticon character ‘Barricade’.

The listing claims that this Saleen Extreme S281 Ford Mustang is the second of three used during filming of the hugely successful action flick! Under the hood, this Saleen is fitted with a modified 4.6-liter V8 engine now delivering a total of 335hp.

Other important features of the Saleen Extreme S281 Ford Mustang include its carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber rear diffuser, 20-inch Saleen Extreme black wheels, Saleen instrument panel and Saleen brakes and suspension.

Saleen Extreme S281 Ford Mustang From Transformers Up For Grabs

So how much does this one-of-three movie star cost? Well, the car currently has a Buy It Now price on eBay Motors of $80,000. Think it’s worth it? Then follow the link below for more information!

[Via eBay Motors]

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  1. Any real Saleen enthusiast would be a moron to pay $80 grand for this stripped down Extreme. Another one of the 3 sold for about half this a few years back.. Its a real Extreme, but the SC had to be removed during the shooting of the crappy film bc of the beautiful whine of the VI SC :) Point is, there are FAR better productions Steve has made I'd spend $80,000 on… For starters, theres the 2008 Sterling Edition on sale for Ebay less than a week ago.. 117 miles on it and the owner was letting it go for like $72k…. Now that is a good investment.

  2. On a side note, I have the very rare 5 spoke wheels on my Saleen, and I am frightened to drive my car now since they chrome 5 spokes are literally gone! I was able to find the black 5spoke like in this police car thing (good to know they are authentic OEM wheels) but after talking to my guy at Stage3motorsports, he said if I ever scuffed my wheels, I'm SOL. It's insane too since a person can get the real 7 spokes anywhere, but the 5's are 100% gone. If ANYBODY knows different, please let me know, bc I would buy a backup set in a heartbeat just in case…I may even get the black 5s bc I think they would look pretty sick on my Torch Red Saleen, but like most Saleen/Roush guys, I wana keep it original :)


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