Ferrari F40 For Sale

The Ferrari F40 is a piece of artwork on four wheels that certainly doesn’t need an introduction to any petrolsexual. It is one of the cars that dreams are made of, just about anyone and everyone who loves cars wants one. Aside from a Ferrarista, a lot of the facts about this car are not known however. As Ferrari was nearing its 40th birthday, it took the 288 GTO and went about creating the Ferrari of all Ferrari’s to mark its four decades of automobile excellence. The F40 would end up being the last Ferrari to be designed under Enzo himself. It would also be the last turbocharged production Ferrari designed for the street up to the present day.

The body is one solid composite piece, composed of Nomex, Kevlar and carbon fiber, that is bonded to the tubular steel chassis to create a lightweight structure of immense rigidity. The door, hood, trunk, and other removable panels were made out of carbon fiber. The F40 was designed by Pininfarina and it incorporated aerodynamic aids such as the dam-shaped nose and high rear airfoil. The F40 was one of the first production cars to break the 200 MPH barrier that is still today, as not every supercar currently in production can hit 200. When it came to the F40, if it didn’t make the car go faster chances are it wasn’t on the car. Every detail was designed and built with the singular purpose of going fast.

The engine was a state-of-the-art twin-turbo 2936cc V-8 with double overhead camshafts and electronic engine management. Ferrari stated that it made 478 horsepower and came in just under 3,000 pounds. Like the 288 GTO, the F40 has two massive intercoolers near the top of the engine bay in order to breathe cold air in. The body also had several air intakes to force air into the engine bay from the slipstream. The layout of every part in the engine bay really makes you appreciate Ferrari engineering, being able access just about every meter of the engine bay was obviously a priority.

Ferrari F40 For Sale

Upon opening the door to a F40, the first thing you will notice are the red seats. The F40 did have optional seats, many if not most were equipped with the optional red competition seats and accompanying race harness. Stock, the F40 came with “comfort” leather seats. Looking around the interior one will start to notice that it is void of a lot of creature comforts. There are pull strings to open the doors as there are no handles. The windows have to be manually operated and there is no radio to speak of. If it didn’t make the car go faster, it wasn’t installed.

As the last Ferrari to have Enzo’s approval and direction, the F40 is certainly unique. As a supercar, it has few equals and many still compare modern cars to its performance abilities. The F40 raised the bar when it came to performance, it may not be all that easy to drive around town in but it will do blistering fast times at any track. This specific F40 belonged to a private collector and is being sold by RK Motors Charlotte.

Ferrari F40 For Sale

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