Video: Spanish Police Discover Fake Ferrari Dealer

Spanish police recently uncovered and shut down a fake Ferrari and Aston Martin manufacturer based in Valencia, Spain. The company was discovered to have been producing a selection of different Ferrari and Aston Martin models, largely Ferrari F430s.

During their investigations, the local authorities discovered fiberglass molds as well as a range of fake Ferraris and Aston Martins which to the naïve, actually appear like the rear-deal. In fact, the manufacturer clearly invested a lot of time into the creation of each fake event even fitting them with similar interiors complete with Ferrari badges and what appears to be real leather as well.

Some cars found include a fake Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider, as well as a selection of other Ferrari F430s and what appears to be a fake Aston Martin actually based on a real Maserati 4200 GT compete with engine and all. Each of these fake supercars cost over $50,000.

[Via Carscoops]

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