Recently the Los Angeles Police Department released a video to the media involving a hit and run they couldn’t solve. The crash occurred April 27 at about 5:10 a.m. Joo Yoon,a 90 year old male, was riding a bicycle across the intersection of Virgil Avenue and 6th Street when a dark-colored Nissan GT-R fatally struck him. This GT-R is unique, it has a white, possibly reflective, stripe going along the side of the car near the belt line.

The driver of the GT-R is not at fault for the accident, the old man walked right in front of a car late at night at exactly the wrong time. The driver kept on going though which begs the question was this driver intoxicated or wanted for a prior offense? By now the GT-R has probably been worked on and any distinguishing features that could be used to identify the car are already removed. Chances are though that someone still knows whose GT-R this is. If anyone might know whose GT-R this is, in or around the LA area, please call the LAPD.


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