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Video: Bentley Continental GT Wrecked by Train in Romania

A Bentley Continental GT was badly crashed in Romania by a train after it failed to stop at the crossroads, the driver died after this accident. We first came across this image posted by Wrecked Exotics before getting to the video which was published by YouTube user MeanwhileInRomania. The little information we gathered from the video is that the driver passed other cars in a hurry to cross the rails but was short of time, the train had already arrived leading to the greasily accident.

We only see scenes as this from movies like Final Destination but this only proves that even the slightest rules do matter. Its normal for motorists to disobey traffic lights especially those on railway crossing lines, owing to the fact that some trains are slower. But estimation has never been a good thing to rely on. As you can see from the photo, the Bentley was crashed beyond survival, we only hope that other motorists learn positively from this incident.



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