Report: VW Considering Efficient Porsche 911 Rival

New reports have emerged suggesting that Volkswagen could be planning its most outlandish sports car ever with the German automaker reportedly planning to develop a Porsche 911 rival with the fuel efficiency of a VW Golf TDI. But how can such an outlandish plan be achieved?

Well for starters, Volkswagen will draw on the expertise it gained when creating the carbon fiber VW XL1 which can achieve 313mpg when creating its new sports car currently codenamed the XR1. The VW XR1 would then borrow the carbon fiber reinforced polymer chassis and gullwing doors as the VW XL1 in an effort to achieve an overall kerb weight of just 850kg.

Powering the VW XR1 sports car could be the compact turbocharged two-liter, four-cylinder engine found in the VW Golf GTI. Insiders claim that VW has been considering a hybrid option or possibly a three-cylinder turbo or three-cylinder supercharged powerplant, but the small size, light overall weight and reliability of the 2.0-liter from the VW Golf GTI makes it the most likely candidate. If selected, it’d be mounted in the middle of the VW XR1 sports car.

When it’s all said and done, the VW XR1 could possibly rocket to 62mph faster than the 4.6 seconds of the current Porsche 911 Carrera PDK and touch a top speed of 190mph.

One of the more unique features likely to debut on the VW XR1 sports car would be the rear-facing cameras replacing the wing mirrors found on the VW XL1. These cameras provide a significant aerodynamic benefit and would be the perfect choice for such a revolutionary sports car.

Volkswagen has yet to give the green light to the VW XR1 sports car, but Car Magazine reports that insiders are hopeful.

[Via Car Magazine]

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  1. you cant rival the history of the 911. there's a whole lot more to those cars that hp. they handle differently, sound different, the 911 is so unique. there's 50 years of design behind them and a brand new vw cant possibly rival that history. they can make a great sports car, even a better one, but it will never rival a 911. theyre a whole different ball game.


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