For Sale: 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato

An extremely rare 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato has just been listed for sale on JamesEdition for an undisclosed amount. Just six 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato’s were ever produced meaning that whatever price the seller is hoping to sell the car for, it’ll be significantly more than a regular Bentley Continental.

This particular 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato initially began life as a regular 2006 Bentley Continental and in 2009 it received its dramatic Zagato transformation turning the car into a completely different animal. For a car of this rarity, one could excuse the owner for almost never taking it out of the garage, but this 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato has travelled an impressive 15,161 miles.

Under the hood, the 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato features a 6.0-liter V12 straight from the regular Continental which produces an identical 600hp and 553lb-ft of torque. While such an engine is extremely impressive by itself, the 2006 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato is far more than a high-performance British supercar, it is in fact a work of automotive art fitted with all the luxuries one could ever wish for.

These include a TV tuner, memory foam seats, a navigation system cruise control and multifunction steering.

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[Via JamesEdition]


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