Fatal Ford GT Accident happened in Germany

A fatal supercar accident happened in Southern Germany on a rainy rural road between Maxlrain and Beyharting. After a sharp bend, the driver lost control of his orange Ford GT40 and crashed directly into a tree. The passenger, a 43-year-old man from Hesseco, died a result of his injuries whereas the 49 year old driver survived with life-threatening injuries.

The orange Ford GT suffered heavy damage and we are told that it is a total loss. The driver was headed towards the ADAC Bavaria Historic, a German historic car event. It seems insignificant now, but it is almost certain that this is a Ford GT40 replica rather than the real deal.

Fatal Ford GT Accident happened in Germany

[Via BR]


  1. With a car that has almost no controllability (even Ford test drivers died driving this on track), it is not suitable to speed this thing up on a rainy day, let alone the poor conditions of the rural roads. RIP.


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