Lexus LFA Owner has Speed Bump Removed in Home Town

Owning one of just 375 Lexus LFAs produced certainly has its perks.

Not only does owning one put you into an extremely small group of wealthy owners, you also have the privilege of operating an insane 4.8-liter V10 engine beneath the hood, driving the rear wheels and revving to an impressive 9,000rpm.

However, a Norwegian Lexus LFA owner recently employed another perk from owning his black Lexus LFA after he successfully requested to have a speed bump removed in his local neighbourhood.

The owner, Rune Berge was taking the 7 hour journey home from Osio, in Norway to his hometown of Stavenger when he released there was a single rouge speed bump which would put a halt to his journey and possibly damage the front and underside of his expensive Japanese supercar.

As a result, the man simply rang the municipal technical department to remove the speed bump for his journey as the low 11cm ride height of the Lexus LFA would have had an extremely difficult time clearing the high speed bump

Fortunately, the man Mr. Berge spoke to was kind enough to have the issue sorted before his arrival home!

[Via TV2]



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