Video: Man Uses his Body to Shield Car from Hail Storm

Ask anyone who lives in a climate prone to hail storms and they will tell you: they appear suddenly and wreak havoc to all things motoring and non-motoring.

Unfortunately for the Argentinian man in the video, the hail storm erupted without so much as a warning; leaving him no choice but to use his own body as a sort of makeshift barrier between the frozen particles and what would have assuredly been thousands of dollars in paint and bodywork bills.

About three quarters of the way through the video, another sympathetic motorist tries to cover the front hood/windshield with a heavy-duty blanket, only to quickly realize that being pelted with frozen golf balls isn’t a fun way to spend and afternoon. After a quick peruse of the YouTube comments, the internet collective seems to be in agreement — he looks like he is swimming. While the next Michael Phelps he is not, he probably saved a few thousand dollars in insurance and damage repair. So for that, sir, we applaud you. Thankfully his upstairs neighbors felt the need to film it.

We don’t think we’ve seen anything like this,well, ever. Tell us what you think of this crazy video below.



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