Official Patented Sketches of Polaris Slingshot Sports car

New US Patent Office sketches have been leaked online depicting a brand new production sports car expected to be released by recreational vehicle maker Polaris in the coming year.

Polaris is best known for creating outlandish, off-road machines, including customised motorbikes and seems to be setting off in a direction very similar to that of KTM with the X-Bow.

Although the car in the following sketches is a three-wheeled vehicle, like the Morgan 3 Wheeler, it does feature bodywork similar to the KTM X-Bow and is set to be called the Polaris Slingshot, and you probably don’t need us to point out the similarities between a crossbow and a slingshot.

If the car ever reached production, it’d likely feature a 2.4-liter General Motors sourced four-cylinder engine delivering just over 200hp and mated to a manual transmission.

Official Patented Sketches of Polaris Slingshot Sports car

Just like the Morgan 3 Wheeler, the Polaris Slingshot will be driven by its single rear-wheel and even though no details have been released about a possible release date, this lightweight and most-likely affordable sports car is something to get truly excited about!

[Via The Kneeslider]


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