Video: Chris Harris Drives Ferrari 458 Spyder on Track

As some fans of you may know, our favourite automotive journalist Chris Harris has been banned from Ferrari press cars for a couple of years now after he accused the Italian company of tuning its press cars before handing them over to road and track testers.

As a result of this, videos of Chris Harris testing new Ferrari’s are few and far between but he was recently able to acquire a quick spin in the new 458 Spider before swiftly driving it as if it had been stolen, as it effectively had been giving to him without the permission of the factory.

Apparently, Harris managed to get a drive in the car thanks to another automotive journalist on speaking terms with Ferrari who borrowed the car himself before handing it over to Chris. However, this is all irrelevant as all we care about is what Harris thinks about the car and how aggressively he drives it on track!

And he certainly enjoyed his time in the car!



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