Oxigin 18 Concave Wheels

Last year’s Essen Motor Show featured several cars with Oxigin wheels among them being the Audi R8 by XXX Performance. The German-based wheels manufacturer has now revealed a new wheel design named the Oxigin 18 Concave wheels which is set to take the wheels scene by storm by introducing the a new trend in design.

The design features five concave double spokes revealing an aggressive but elegant appearance. They are available in eight different Colour Polish shades but on request, the new light alloy wheels can be customized even further. Both the spokes and the wide rim lip of the Oxigin 18 Concave – 85 millimeters in the version 8.5×19 can be foil-enhanced.

The wheels are also available in sizes 8.5×18, 8.5×19, 9×20 and 10.5×20 with a General Operating Permit (German abbreviation: ABE) included in the scope of delivery.

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