New Ferrari California Could Be Turbocharged

Turbochargers are more or less uncharacteristic for the Italian supercar brand Ferrari. It’s been a while since they used them, while several historic flagships like the F40 and the 288 GTO were turbocharged.

Now it seems that Ferrari will release a new turbocharged model. A lighty disguised Ferrari California mule is said to be testing powertrains and running gear for the next-gen model. The engine of this test car sounded like a turbocharged unit and is likely to be a version of a new V8 family now in production at Maranello. The raised bonnet line and extra cooling vents could also be a sign that the turbo engine has a taller package height that needs more under-bonnet space and heat management.

Some commentators have suggested a six-year cycle for the California, suggesting a late 2014 reveal and early 2015 sale for a car that was first seen late in 2008 and launched early in 2009.

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