Rumors suggest that Ferrari is currently developing a spiritual successor to the mighty impressive 430 Scuderia with a stripped-down and more hardcore version of the 458 Italia.

Not a great deal is known about the car at this point, but reports from mid-2012 speculated that it could drop the Scuderia moniker in replacement for ‘Monte Carlo’, thus creating the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo.

Fortunately however, some new rumors have begun circulating suggesting that the car could be launched privately as soon as August or September this year, before getting its official public debut later in September at the 2013 IAA Motor Show.

If this were true, then the first European deliveries could take place by December 2013. Additionally, it is possible that Ferrari may ditch the dual-clutch transmission of the 458 Italia and replace it with a more-brutal single-clutch system which could handle the extra torque and horsepower of the 458 Monte Carlo which the current gearbox reportedly cannot.

[Via Teamspeed]

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  1. Why is it Ferrari is so ____ bent on attracting a major lawsuit from a US Automaker over their recent moniker choices of late ?

    First the F150 debacle …. which BTW Ford is just waiting to dump another lawsuit on the boys from Maranello …. and now the Monte Carlo ….. which … as far as using the name on an auto is concerned …. is owned by Chevrolet/GM ;-)

    Too much Grappa being consumed by the decision makers at Ferrari perhaps ?

  2. @GuitarSlinger : And how sure are you about this and the info published here that it will be called 458 Monte Carlo !? Atm, no one knows anything and it’s all speculitive stuff.

  3. And why we need a new gearbox? F12 had 2-clutch box and 740 hp. Bad speculations, there’s no need for sequential system due power & torque. If they want to do it just for fun ect. that’s another story.

  4. @Guitar Slinger: Following your logic, Monaco – Monte Carlo should be able to sue GM for using the name of their town for a rubbish american car.
    Sorry but the story with the Ford F150 was bulls**t already, nobody that isn’t …don’t want to be rude but let’s say mentally challanged is going to think for a moment that a fat pickup might be the new Ferrari because it’s also called F150, works both ways.
    And it’s the same story here, furthermore the Monte Carlo is out of production for 5 years.
    And Ford is waiting to sue Ferrari, because they are broke and this is the only way to get some cash.

  5. GS is just a Junior Writer for a small department in the Automotive industrie and has no idea of the Basic Concepts of “Marketing”..

    Maybe one day he will pick up a book (Marketing for Dummies) and read about tactics deployed in order to sell a Name/Brand/Model etc…


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