It’s not uncommon for large automotive manufacturers to design all their cars around a similar styling principal. This is clearly evident in all Aston Martin’s on the market, as well as Mercedes-Benz’s, BMW’s and even Ferrari’s. Not only does such a principal cut down on design costs, it also makes each model appear unique yet still having the capacity to be recognised as a Ferrari for example.

However, Audi’s new research and development boss Wolfgang Durheimer has confirmed that future Audi models will differ far more in design than they currently do.

All Audi’s currently on the market follow a similar design principle and this has commonly been criticized as bland and lacking imagination, but Durheimer has announced that cars such as the Audi A4 will look dramatically different to the brand’s flagship luxury sedan, the A8.

With that being said, the designs of the different models can only differ so much, as each car still has to be recognisable as a premium German-made car as well as an Audi.

“In the future, I will work with our designers to act on it to differentiate the faces of the various model series even more. The customer of an A8 will in future find details on his car, which differ significantly from the A4 and A6,” said Dürheimer.

[Via Auto Motor und Sport]

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  1. @ohl0rd Not ugly so much as boring. Regardless, this is awesome news; maybe now more people will be drawn to the brand, which seems to be the last German luxury brand not in the process of losing their minds (cough, BMW and Mercedes-Benz).


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