Automotive designer Marc Devauze recently took it upon himself to create a new Bugatti single-seater concept which would simultaneously fit in with the French firm’s current performance philosophy, while also paying homage to the successful racing heritage of the brand.

The result is the award winning TypeZero Concept. Devauze drew heavy inspiration for his creation from the 1920’s Bugatti Type 35 which at the time, was the world’s most successful race car winning over 1,000 races including the Grand Prix World Championship and Targa Florio.

Devauze has clearly drawn on the Type 35 for various aspects of the car, including its central driving position and the interior which is constructed “like an old race car with an enveloping bucket seat stretched through the car”.

Despite the small stance of the car, Devauze envisages four in-wheel electric motors driven by numerous detachable Lithium-Air batteries to fit within the car, and such a system would truly revolutionise the track-day car scene.

Even though there is pretty much a zero percent chance of Bugatti ever building such a car, Devauze has done a mighty fine job with this design!

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