According to sources close to Porsche, the German company is edging closer to giving the Porsche Pajun, or baby-Panamera, the green light for production after well over a year of research and mountains of speculation about such a car.

While launching a new entry-level sedan may seem easy-going for Porsche compared to the development of the new 911, one has to keep in mind that this will be the company’s first appearance into a market full of competition from its countrymen of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

See, it’s not like the Porsche Cayenne where Porsche essentially created a whole new automotive market for luxury/premium SUVs, as the Pajun will be against stiff competition from the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-class. In turn, you may be able to comprehend just how big of a decision this could be.

At the moment, it’s believed that the Porsche Pajun will be a five-door fastback like the Panamera albeit on a much smaller scale. The car is then expected to be built upon the VW Group’s new MSB platform which will underpin all future Bentley’s as well as the next-generation Panamera.

Production of the Pajun should help the German company reach its production goal of selling 200,000 units annually by 2018 with the car likely to hit showrooms sometime in 2016.

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