When automotive manufacturers are developing new cars, whether it be supercars, sports cars or even the cheapest hatchbacks, they’ll put them through a plethora of driving tests in every conceivable climatic condition to prove their build quality and reliability.

When Nissan was testing their flagship GT-R however, they probably didn’t think that owners from Sweden just 100km south of the Article Circle would drive them in the depth on winter. However, a member of Swedish crew “Team Ice_Ricers” set about to show that even multiple-foot thick snow is no match for the 545hp Nissan GT-R.

As you’ll see, the man in the video calmly walks up the GT-R, completely covered in a thick layer of smoke, starts it up and simply drives out of the thick layer of snow to which the Nissan has been resting.


Considering that most cars would simply sit there spinning their tires, this video proves just how effective Nissan’s advanced all-wheel drive system is as the GT-R seems to make its way out without even the slightest hint of difficulty.

Seems as though the Nissan GT-R truly is an everyday supercar in even the worst conditions!

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