Next to the adaptive KW DDC coilovers, KW Automotive now has the KW DLC App for standard air suspensions available. In combination with the KW DLC airsuspension lowering module for standard air suspensions and a KW W-LAN box, a large number of cars with standard air suspension can be lowered.

The KW DLC airsuspension is available for more than twenty different SUV and automobiles. It is an electronic lowering module, which will be connected quick and easy to the stock wiring via an adapter plug. It enables a vehicle specific lowering of up to 50mm and it can optionally be adjusted in lowering continuously with the KW DLC App.

The application is compatible with Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch and Apple iPad and it allows lowering the car by the millimeter via the Advanced Menu. The lowering is carried out by millimetres in the vehicle specific adjustment range. To control the KW DLC per App, the KW control unit just has to be extended with a W-LAN module.

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